Senior Art Director
I have an open work permit in Canada

Senior Art Director with 13+ years of hands-on experience in handling several simultaneous creative design projects, concept creation, graphic design, and visual conceptualization. With the ability to drive campaigns from concept to execution focused on raising brand recognition through utilizing skills gained in the creative industry. The ability to create brand identities from concept. Leading teams and providing art direction to graphic designer

Ogilvy / 2019 – 2021
Participated in strategic meetings with client and account management to deepen our understanding of clients’ objectives and better inform advertising campaigns. Developing new ideas and designs that creatively deliver the client’s strategies and build on their visual tone. Worked in partnership with the Copywriter to generate concepts and tactics, and to progress them through execution. Brought new ideas appropriate to our clients’ marketing strategy and brand tone. Developed a range of creative executions for each project and eectively collaborated with Art Directors to ensure design and copy work together to support the concepts.

Ogilvy / 2011 - 2018
Executed a broad range of projects. Lead projects from start to finish with guidance from the account teams. Proactively communicated and consulted with team members regarding creative work, quality control, pitch submissions and deadlines. While design is the day-to-day focus, understood and contributed to the copy ideas. Working Experience

Grey / 2008 - 2010
Provided creative services that aligned with concepts, messages and corporate identities as determined by defined marketing plans and corporate identity/brand standards. Supported various creative elements for electronic marketing initiatives. Developed and acquired the images used in a variety of creative projects, including, but not limited to: advertisements, brochures, direct mail, identity design, and presentations. Managed projects from initial concept to final prepress preparation. GRAPHIC

Adworx / 2006 - 2008
Develop concepts, graphics, packaging, and layouts for products. Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material, copy, font styles and size. Review final layouts and suggest improvements if needed

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Amr Hourani
Creative director

Maha was a creative individual who always brought fresh ideas to the table. She had a natural talent for coming up with innovative concepts that were both engaging and effective. Additionally, Maha always connected her ideas with strong rationales that were grounded in research and a deep understanding of the customer's needs.

Maha's execution and art direction were always impressive. She had a keen eye for design and a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of a project was flawlessly executed. Maha was also a team player who was always ready to help her colleagues. Her collaborative approach and willingness to go above and beyond for her team made her an invaluable asset to our organization.

In summary, I highly recommend Maha for any Art Director position. She is a talented and creative professional who always delivers high-quality work. Her collaborative spirit, attention to detail, and dedication to her craft make her an asset to any team.

Dania Sbeiteh
Art director

Throughout our work together, I have been consistently impressed with Maha's ability to generate different ideas. Her mind was always buzzing with new concepts and fresh perspectives, and she consistently brought a unique perspective to every project we worked on together. Her ability to think outside the box and push boundaries was truly inspiring.

In addition to her creativity, Maha was always a joy to collaborate with. She was a true team player, always eager to work with others and find new ways to bring our collective ideas to life. Her excellent communication skills made her an ideal collaborator, as she was able to articulate her thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.

In conclusion, it is such a loss that we do not work together anymore. I highly recommend Maha for any future employment opportunities. She is an incredibly talented Senior Art Director with a wealth of experience, a collaborative spirit, and an exceptional work ethic. I am confident that she will make a valuable addition to any creative team.

Fadia Rihani
Traffic and HR manger

Maha has a good ability to handle large projects and deliver them on time. She has a remarkable work ethic and is committed to delivering high-quality work, even when faced with tight deadlines. Maha's project management skills are outstanding, and her attention to detail ensures that projects are delivered on time and to the highest standard.

Additionally, Maha is a highly efficient and productive team member. She has a natural talent for multitasking and can juggle multiple projects at the same time. Her efficiency and productivity have been invaluable to our team and have helped us to deliver exceptional work.

Finally, I would like to highlight Maha's deep understanding of our company culture. She leads by example and sets the tone for others to follow. Her commitment to teamwork, dedication to excellence, and positive attitude have made her an outstanding colleague and a true asset to our company.

In summary, Maha is a talented, efficient, and dedicated Senior Art Director who possesses exceptional project management skills and is a true team player. I highly recommend her for any future opportunities and am confident that she will make a valuable addition to any team.

Canada, Vancouver.