Senior Art Director
The objective is to market a Turkish coffee machine. The challenge lies in the fact that traditionally, people who drink Turkish coffee tend to use a pot to brew it, which is a time-consuming process. Moreover, individuals from Arab cultures tend to consume a lot of Turkish coffee throughout the day.

To address this challenge, we have developed a marketing campaign that emphasizes the convenience and ease of using our Turkish coffee machine. We have leveraged a common saying that suggests repeated requests cannot be fulfilled with the push of a button. However, we have reimagined this saying to emphasize that with our coffee machine, all you need to do is press a button and your coffee will be ready.

In addition to the initial campaign, we have also extended the messaging to different angles. For instance, we have incorporated the common scenario of unexpected visits from in-laws, which can be stressful for some. We have utilized a well-known saying that implies that the visit is like pressing a button and have adapted it to suggest that our Turkish coffee machine can alleviate the stress of the visit. By simply pressing the Najjar button, you can enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee and impress your mother-in-law with your hospitality.

Canada, Vancouver.